The Process


Escudo Águila Real Tequila is a boutique, ultra-premium tequila made from hand-selected single estate 100% Blue Weber agaves, which are grown in the highlands of Jalisco, the heart of Mexico’s historic Tequila region.

Our agaves mature for a minimum of seven years and are harvested by our jimadores who select each agave for their quality during la jima, leaving only the heart of the plant known as the piña or pineapple. We use no fertilizer or pesticides when growing our agaves, instead we return to the Earth what the Earth has given us and we fertilize our new agave plants with the “pineapples” that have been processed in the creation of our product.


The piña is slow-cooked in old world, traditional brick ovens for 72 hours.


The exquisite flavor and bouquet of Escudo Águila Real Tequila comes from our unique fermentation process.


The water source that we utilized is of the utmost quality and is pristinely filtered, purified and distiller to maintain our tequila profile.


Old world, traditional copper lined pot stills are utilized for distillation to ensue the integrity of our uniquely flavored profile.


Our Plata is not aged, while our Resposado is aged to maturity for eight months in aromatic American Oak barrels. While most distilleries opt to use barrels previously used for the production of other types of spirits, in order to stay in line with pristine quality and consistency, Escudo Águila Real uses only new barrels in its production. This allows for the retention of the integrity of the product and allows for total control over the inconsistencies in flavor and color within the brand.